Urchin Lampshade

Urchin lampshade makes a bold statement and truly commands the room with its geometric, sculptural form. A giant shell composed of sharp slanting facets that thrust forward and retreat backwards in a juxtaposed and angled formation. The crystalline surface reflects the light whilst casting shadows in the textured relief. 


This origami-style design combines beauty of form with utility of function and allows light to stream from its hull of folded opalescent paper, whilst casting an illuminating beam from the jagged opening below. Urchin presents a timeless modernist style, a classic mid-century look that is a must-have for any design conscious collector that wants to own a statement piece.


Urchin lampshade is the front-runner in a series of designs evolved from a period of development work focussing on uniform grids, symmetry and repetitive patterns. These experiments evolved into concepts and then designs that were scaled up from models to final prototypes. Working at scale the lampshades are substantial in size at 57cm (L), 67cm (XL) diameter and designed to make an impact. Hand-folded in an exquisite, heavy-weight paper the lampshades are built in segments which clip to a frame to create the shell of the lampshade.

Astrum Lampshade

Astrum lampshade was created during a process of experimentation with a series of hand-drawn grids rendered on paper that could be folded in different formations. A sequence emerged from this revealing a pattern that allowed me to devise a workable template. To my wonder, once I had identified a formula the laws of geometry fell into place and it was like the design almost created itself… I remember making one last adjustment to the template by adding an extra column to the grid and that was it – the first mock-up of the design was born!


Astrum has a drum shaped construction and features signature, crown-like peaks along the top that are echoed, like a reflection below along the bottom of the shade. The surface has an embossed-like appearance with a distinct tessellating hexagon and star-shaped formation that gives the lampshade design its name.